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since 2007​

During her youth, Gamali was very well known for her artistic abilities. As an elite student of the "Studio in a School" art program, her artwork remained on display at her elementary school long after graduating. She dreamed of becoming an artist but was unsure of how to make it a lifelong career. Since the age of nine, Gamali always accompanied her grandmother, Joan Barrow, as she baked and designed wedding cakes from her once owned and operated retail bakery, Sheer Elegance Cake Deco, formerly located in Brooklyn NY.


​Shortly after graduating from high school, Gamali worked in retail which later resulted in a career path in the corporate field. During maternity leave from work, in April of 2007, Gamali took the time to assist her grandmother with creating cakes. During her spare time, she continued to practice the basics of her grandmother's teachings. While only baking and decorating cakes for family and close friends, she diligently strived to perfect her skills.​


After a decade of being employed in corporate, in April of 2009, Gamali's managerial position was eliminated throughout the company nationwide. With no success in finding new employment and with the encouragement of her best friend, Nicky Alleyne, she started selling her cakes. Without a doubt, her first sale was a success! Soon, everyone was curious to know who made these delectable confections and rapidly acquired her services. In no time, her cakes became popular and in high demand. This was the first time ever that Gamali was elated to do something she loved! It was then that J'adore Cakes was officially founded and has been on the rise ever since.

And how it all began....

Chef Gamali Elias

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